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Google's latest Chrome: faster and with "most requested" new features    

by Stuart Corner Tuesday, 26 January 2010  http://chrome.blogspot.com
http://www.itwire.com/content/view/30725/53  http://www.google.com/chrome

Google has released a new Windows version of its Chrome browser, with 
what it says are two of the most requested enhancements: extensions and 
bookmark sync, and a significant performance boost ..

Announcing the new version on Google's Blog, product manager, Nick Baum, 
said: "We previously launched extensions on the beta channel, and many 
new extensions have since been contributed by developers from all over 
the world. Now you can browse over 1,500 in our extensions gallery and 
install them on the stable version of Google Chrome."


Bookmark sync enables the synchronisation of bookmarks across multiple 
computers: when a new bookmark is added to the browser on any of the 
linked computers automatically added to all the others.

Baum claimed that "we've improved performance (as measured by Mozilla's 
Dromaeo DOM Core tests) by 42 percent over our last stable release and 
400 percent since our first stable release last year." http://dromaeo.com

He added "For web developers and designers, we're excited to integrate a 
number of new HTML5 APIs in this stable release, including LocalStorage, 
Database API, WebSockets, and more."

Users of the stable version of Chrome for Windows will have their browser 
automatically updated within the week. 

Extensions are presently supported on the beta version of Chrome for 
Linux. For Mac users, Baum said: "Hang tight — we're working on bringing 
extensions, bookmark sync and more to the beta soon."



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