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Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Fri Jan 29 10:46:14 AEDT 2010

On 29/01/2010, at 10:17 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> Check out the 'what's missing' list:

It's also missing a can opener, the ability to run on solar power, and doesn't have a projection bulb for big-screen work. Nor will it replace my garage door remote.

Honestly, people are completely missing the point about technology if they believe that every computing device must be the swiss-army-knife of computing.

Apple doesn't enter markets with this philosophy: they build features incrementally, and only if they believe that it can work in the whole Apple eco-system.

However, since the ten things listed here are so important to the Sydney Morning Herald's writer, here's a quick response:

> 1. iBooks is initially US-only
Keyword: initially. iBook partners include companies with world-wide interests. The UK has already announced that iBooks will be available in May or earlier.

People with short memories might remember that iTunes (the store) was not available in Australia for a short while, too.

> 2. No built-in camera
There is software support in the SDK, and it's logical to assume that one day, a camera will appear. Again, iPods had no camera to begin with.

> 3. No USB ports
Ho hum. There's a 30-pin dock connector, which is the primary physical connection. Apple prefer wireless in any event. But an adaptor is available.

> 4. No memory card read
Adaptor available. There is some talk that since Mac portable computers have SD card slots, then there might be room on an iPad, but I doubt if it will ever be sanctioned.

> 5. Keyboard dock sold separately
There is a built-in keyboard. So you only buy a physical keyboard if you want it. iPods and iPhones don't come with wall chargers either: you buy them if you need them. 

> 6. No multi-tasking
OS 4.0 is the answer.

> 7. No Adobe Flash support
Doesn't bother them in the slightest. Doesn't bother me either. The sooner the world moves away from any reliance on Flash, the better.

> 8. Can only run Apple-sanctioned apps
500 thousand app downloads a day prove that this isn't a problem.

> 9. Can only access iTunes videos and music
Why is this a limitation? iPods have always been this way, and it hasn't been a problem in use or sales.

> 10. Lacks HDMI port
It also lacks a VGA port, a serial port, a DVD drive, and more. The lack of ports will have zero impact.

> 11. Screen is 4:3 aspect ratio, not 16:9 widescreen
Has anyone tried reading a book on a widescreen?

> 12. No full GPS support
Not in the wi-fi edition at least: but there is no GPS support in iPods, either. There are 30-pin GPS add-ons in the market already if people want GPS.

Again, all of these 'exclusions' are not particularly significant: if Apple left out something that people believe that they need, the device will bomb. Somehow, I doubt that Apple will make this a dud.


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