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On Fri, 29 Jan 2010, grove at zeta.org.au wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Jan 2010, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> Check out the 'what's missing' list:
>> http://www.theage.com.au/digital-life/computers/12-key-features-the-ipad-lacks-20100128-n1ae.html
> That's why you never buy the first version of anything.   Let someone else
> beta test the product and find the faults.
> I am definiteley getting one of these, but will watch the apple tree shake
> so I don't pick a bad one....

Hmmm, since I am a contender, let's see if the iPad suits me:

1. iBooks is initially US-only
Not an issue for me - I like paper books but these products will come soon.

2. No built-in camera
Arguably a missing feature, but we don't use the camera we have.

3. No USB ports

It's got wifi for talking to mass storage, but arguably a problem for some

4. No memory card read


5. Keyboard dock sold separately

This will create a new market for wallwarts and JB-HiFi.

6. No multi-tasking

I understand it will be in a later release so some poor beta tester can try it.

7. No Adobe Flash support

Arguably a good thing and a political move by Apple.

8. Can only run Apple-sanctioned apps

Evil can always be overcome by a determined hacker.

9. Can only access iTunes videos and music

Until said hacker writes a platform for it.

10. Lacks HDMI port

????  We don't use the one we've got now!

11. Screen is 4:3 aspect ratio, not 16:9 widescreen

But it looks so good at 1024*768....  ;)

12. No full GPS support

Well for me, the GPS is always going to be at the same place - at home!


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