[LINK] iPad - where's the pad? / DRM dead end?

Graham Greenleaf graham at austlii.edu.au
Fri Jan 29 12:16:45 AEDT 2010

I think the 'touch' bit in the 'iTouch' line works brilliantly, but I 
still don't want to try to take notes with a thumbnail dipped in tar, 
nor to use a non-tactile keyboard in meetings (ie touch typing 
without the touch) when I would rather be concentrating on who is 

This sound like the classic case of where a third party app is needed 
- coupled with a third party stylus. But Apple has this one all 
locked up, doesn't it, so that route does not seem likely either if 
Jobs is so set against stylus input.

Nothing else has better brought home to me why DRMs are a deadly 
threat to the end-to-end philosophy that should continue to animate 
the Internet.

- Graham

At 11:53 AM +1100 29/1/10, Ivan Trundle wrote:
>On 29/01/2010, at 11:46 AM, Graham Greenleaf wrote:
>>  Would be nice if some form of handwriting recognition worked well
>>  enough to produce a draft, when it was important enough to want to
>>  distribute to others (minutes of meetings etc) but for most purposes
>>  (with memories of Newton) saving handwritten notes would do fine.
>>  Anyone reckon this is in the 'coming soon' list?
>Nope: it's in the 'coming over my dead body' list (Steve Jobs' list, that is)
>Mr Jobs has already vented his spleen about stylus input, and his 
>views on Newtons.
>If you're interested in a comparison of speed using different input 
>methods, check out this:
>(Pen vs keyboard vs Newton vs Graffit vs Treo vs iPhone  - no voice 
>dictation though)
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>Link at mailman.anu.edu.au

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