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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Jan 29 12:44:49 AEDT 2010

Stephen Wilson wrote:
> unarticulated needs, then it's  revolutionary, a category-killer or 
> whole new category maker.  Like the Sony Walkman.  Or the Apple II. 

I bought a Sony Diskman in 1986, and
have a third generation (following two
thefts) - that was a very elegant
paradigm shift. I am not a big music
fan, and in 1986 the selection was
limited but the diskman and the CD
captured my heart.

Even though I don't have one, I suggest
the IPOD warrants a spot. I have played
with a MVP player - only for my own videos.

The Mac has a spot in the New York
Museum of Modern art:
> Macintosh 128K Home Computer
> Steve Jobs (American, born 1955) and Jerry Manock (American)

I probably should know but don't - what was
revolutionary about the Apple II?

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