[LINK] What is a Bath Book?

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Sat Jan 30 11:42:07 AEDT 2010

I wrote 31/12/09 16:02:
> ... if my book "Green Technology Strategies" had found 
> its way into the catalogue of the National Library of Australia. It 
> hasn't, but I found it in Trove, which has next to the ISBN of the print 
> edition "Bath Book" ...

My book is now in the NLA catalogue, with no mention of a "bath book",
which is good: <http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/4768569/Details>.

The cataloguers have got the hardback, paperback and PDF versions
listed, but do not seem to have caught up with the large print and
Kindle editions yet.

One source of confusion is that there is a separate catalogue entry for
the web version:

The entry for the web version in the catalogue is labelled "Available
online only" which might lead the reader to conclude that the book is
only available online. The NLA then offers to print a copy of my book 
for $A13.20 per 50 pages. This would likely end up costing more than the 
actual printed edition of the book.

Perhaps I need to have yet another ISBN issued for the web version. All 
these ISBNs have ended up costing about $60 for one book.

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