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> Yes, and certainly the Apple lle was an 'instant hit' with schools all
> over the world. All of a sudden it became a must-have technology which
> was 'cleverly' fuelled by Apple marketing.

I was lucky enough to be a student at a school that had Apple II computers
very early.   Before that in Yr 7 (I will show my age now) in 1976,
my first exposure to computers was the HP9800.   The teacher could control 
us quite well on the HP as he "understood" them and the little punch card 
language and simple formulae we were taught but when the Apples came, 
he was outclassed by several students almost immediately.   Computing 
was an elective then and most kids did not do it, but my mum was an
operator at a couple of firms and wanted me to have the same go she did
so I also joined the computer club.   At home, though we didn't have 
a computer so I noodled around on a friend's TRS, but always lusted after 
an Apple II ;)

I remember my first program on the apple was a kind of x/y plotter 
that I guess everyone played with and I recall rewriting the code 
to do more things with the pixels, but I liked making music with it
so I was learning how to program the Apple to make it emit some 
crazy sounds.   Just before I left school, I was asked if I 
would like to work in a computer store, demoing the Alpha Syntauri (an apple 
based synthesizer platform) which I did for a time, but then a got 
a "real job" working in a bank which was actually a big mistake......


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