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On 9/07/10 12:04 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:

>> On 8/07/10 5:32 PM, Tom Koltai wrote:
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>>> An excellent tactic by the labour party, but not really
>> cricket. But
>>> then most women don't watch cricket, so the emoters will win the
>>> election.
>> Thanks a lot Tom. Your post is meant to be addressed to the
>> men on this list?
>> Dont wish to start a flame war but a little thought and not so much
>> sexism will get you a lot further.
>> regards
>> Linda

> Actually Linda, in context, my comments are not sexist. They were mainly
> merely factual.
> Women are more likely to vote "for" the sisterhood than men. As the
> feminine population percentage of Australia
> is higher than the male population, Tony Abbott might as well not get
> out of bed on election day.
> That not-withstanding, I will grant you, that the comment about cricket
> may have been slightly un-PC, there are no doubt an equal number of men
> that don't watch women's netball.  The cricket homily was an attempt by
> me to be witty, I apologise if it offended; that was not my intent.

Thanks Tom and I do appreciate your response. I and many of my female 
colleagues were supporters of Kevin Rudd until he chose to 'lose his 
way' on so many issues, the Internet filter being one - climate change, 
refugees as others.

We are not any more impressed with Julia Gillard and her continuation of 
much the same policies regarding the Net and refugees - we have yet to 
hear her position on the climate change issue which is what really swept 
Labor into power in the first instance.

> Almost everything politicians do these days appears to be focused on a
> single outcome; Re-election.
> The main point was, Kevin's "running mate" was chosen for a reason. To
> get votes. Whether it is politically correct to point out the fact that
> colour, race, sex and creed are all important political considerations
> is another matter. Mea Culpa.

You are all too correct here...  unfortunately! It does make a 
difference. Not sure of her stance on religion but that has loomed large 
in recent elections too.

> Ms. Gillard is undoubtedly a brilliant person in her own right and will
> undoubtedly perform well as Prime Minister.
> I even suggested that there was an economic benefit to having a female
> Prime Minister which is an extremely sexist comment, nevertheless, a
> truism.
> As an interesting observation, I note that none of the readers appeared
> to object to that comment.

I was going to comment (easy to say in retrospect!) but didn't want to 
get too carried away. I will be voting for Ms Gillard purely to stop 
Abbott and other reactionary pollies from getting power and taking us 
some place even Howard didn't take us...

Do we know what Abbot and the Liberals are saying about the net filter?
I have a reference from late last year on ZNET - sorry about the URL:


I out the Breaking new item at the top of this post.

> I am hopeful that once Ms. Gillard receives the mandate for a further
> term for labor, that as our Prime Minister, she will reconsider the
> unworkable Filter legislation and listen to the people.
> Which of course, may well be her intent.

Here's hoping. But that's what we all thought with Conroy... refer Link 
archives 18 months ago!

> If I was in her shoes, I would coast to the other side of the election
> and then announce my cabinet changes. I wonder who the first scalp shall
> be.

> I would be willing to bet a dollar that it might be anyone that won the
> prestigious Darwin award.

Hey - thanks for the reminder! I haven't looked at those in an age. 
wonderful stuff - good for a Friday!!


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