[LINK] Register Online to Vote Should be Legal

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Mon Jul 19 14:43:15 AEST 2010

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> GetUp created an online "Enrole to Vote" web service 
> <https://enrol.getup.org.au/enrolments/register>.
> However, media reports indicate that the Australian Electoral 
> Commission 
> is discouraging Australian from registering on-line to vote 
> <http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/07/17/2956622.htm?sec
> tion=justin>.
> This is unfortunate and ACE should be carrying out its duty to help 
> Australian enrol, rather than discouraging them. If hundreds of 
> thousands of Australians are prevented from voting as a result, the 
> election may be declared invalid by the courts and have to be rerun.


Thank-you Tom, a most excellent summary, as we have come to expect from

It could be that the Labour party this time around doesn't want the
youth vote, concerned that voting virgins are more
interested in unfettered online access than other Labour policies.

It's curious that we actually need to have a change of government every
so often to balance the damage to the economy.

The Libs gave us a positive balance of payments with the sale of the
Brooklyn bridge... Sorrrrrry, I meant the sell-off of public assets, in
doing so they gave us a debit in the world e-commerce race leaving
Australia almost dead-last because of Telstra protectionist policies
required to inflate the share price for T2 and T3 sell-offs.  

Now Labour are fixing that by dismantling the monopoly and installing
the NBN.

I think we need one more round of labour before we ask Tony to come in
and get rid of the anti-competitive internet filter.

And so the world turns.

One step forward, half a step backwards.

Maybe by the next elections there will be a Progressive Democratic

"All Legislation will be put to the vote by the entire country
electronically every time. Voting will be voluntary and the majority

What a great idea. Then our pollies can be kept under wraps unless a new
bridge or something needs to be opened...



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