[LINK] Government and Corporate reaction to wikileaks

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Wed Jul 28 09:40:52 AEST 2010

An interesting interview with Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing on the future  
of improvised reporting devices like wikileaks and how governments and  
corporation might react.


> The incident marks the same kind of historic turning point in power  
> distribution as when the music industry flipped out over Napster in  
> the '90s, and the movie industry flipped out over BitTorrent in the  
> early '00s. This moment feels like the same kind of apple-cart- 
> upset, but for information control by military and political powers  
> which, before this moment, we perceived as "in control." (It's no  
> accident that the copyright maximalists and secrecy maximalists are  
> often in agreement regarding internet restrictions and issues like  
> net neutrality— and I'd expect to see new laws and controls soon  
> proposed in that regard).

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