[LINK] Shirky again: Cognitive Surplus

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> Hire out your spare brainpower, says internet optimist

> Your new book is called Cognitive Surplus. What exactly does that  
> mean?
> We are talking about making use of our spare brain capacity. First  
> there is the free time and talents of people in the developed world.  
> We have over a trillion hours a year to spend participating in  
> activities that we like and are interested in.
> Second, there is the media environment - the internet, mobile  
> devices, digital technology - that allows us to use our free time  
> and talents to participate in large-scale collaborative projects. We  
> used to spend this time watching television, now we are migrating to  
> the internet where our leisure time can be put to good use.


> The central example I use in the book is Wikipedia because it's the  
> oldest, the largest and the one everybody knows. Wikipedia has taken  
> 100 million hours of human thought to develop - and we have a  
> trillion to spare.

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