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G'day Phil

At 11:26 +1000 30/7/10, Philip Argy wrote:
>At the risk of being partisan, I've joined the board of 
>http://www.cocoondata.com for good reason, Roger

[On-list, because it's on-topic, and partisan isn't an issue, as long 
as the interest is declared, and the offering is relevant and 
interesting!  If you've put your money on the table, you presumably 
think it is.]

I couldn't quickly see a white paper or similar that addressed the 
key issues, as per my critiques below.  Any more specific leads would 
be much appreciated.

(I've done evaluative work for venture capital firms, expert 
evidence, etc., and appreciate that there may be IP issues, patents 
pending, confidentiality clauses, etc.  But there also has to be a 
tellable story).

Thanks  ...  Roger

The Fundamental Inadequacies of Conventional Public Key Infrastructure (2001)

A Risk Assessment Framework for Mobile Payments (2008)

Computing Clouds on the Horizon?  Benefits and Risks from the User's 
Perspective (2010)

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