[LINK] Secure data in the cloud

Philip Argy pargy at argystar.com
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Lite description here:

Great Aussie ingenuity with global patents pending - a success story in the
making I'd like to think.

PKI doesn't work because the "I" hasn't been forthcoming.  CocoonData's
Secure Objects technology uses military strength asymmetric cryptography and
never distributes keys with documents.  Access to files and stores can be
revoked by the 'owner' before during and after despatch because we store the
access control list independently of the data and we only issue
n-minute-validity one time keys each time access is requested.   

Would be very interested in others' evaluation - download free trial version
at www.cocoondata.com but bear in mind user interface and messages need


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I couldn't quickly see a white paper or similar that addressed the 
key issues, as per my critiques below.  Any more specific leads would 
be much appreciated.

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