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687 ISPs invited to secret filter forum

By <mailto:edit at zdnet.com.au>Ben Grubb, ZDNet.com.au on April 30th, 
2010 (3 days ago)

in brief Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's office has said 
that 687 internet service providers (ISPs) were invited to 
participate in the 
online forum to discuss issues around the planned mandatory filter to 
block "refused classification" material on the internet.

"All of the ISPs registered with the Telecommunications Industry 
Ombudsman (TIO) were written to and invited to register for the 
online forum," said a statement to ZDNet Australia from the 
minister's office. "Membership of the TIO is a current legal requirement."

The statement said a total of 687 letters were sent, "although some 
ISPs would have received more than one written invitation if they 
operated under multiple business names".

Conroy's office yesterday 
the existence of the protected online forum used to discuss 
controversial issues about the internet filter, but rejected forum 
suggestions from departmental officials that the government could 
make it an offence to promote methods of circumventing the filter.

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