[LINK] Fwd: 687 ISPs invited to secret filter forum

James Collins nospam at ggcs.net.au
Mon May 3 20:05:15 AEST 2010

> 687 ISPs invited to secret filter forum

Storm in a teacup. The response from the department probably reflected their
frustration after 2 weeks of discussions (I was there by the way) which
basically said, "You can't do it this way". And there were the technical
people to back me up for a nice change, and none of them booed me out when I
suggested the APN model concepts...

There is a way to achieve their "Goals" though, a way which benefits
everyone and offends no one...

You can guess what that is of course :) And I told them. Don't know if
anyone actually wanted to hear it of course.

I'm currently writing a paper about it. Might be the straw that tips the
government over to seeing sense.. Then again...

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