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Wed May 5 12:24:23 AEST 2010

David Lochrin wrote:
> By then the small scientific & engineering system was establishing itself, such as the IBM 1130 running Fortran.  Interestingly, the Fortran language is still evolving.  Fortran 2003 supports such things as object-oriented programming, calling inter-operability with the 'C' language, IEEE exception handling, and polymorphism.  But these days Java is the object-oriented language du jour.
Well that is interesting....most of my professional 
programming was in Fortran starting on a Cyber 76 in 1982. 
In 1996 I did a 12 week object orientated programming in 
java extension course at Sydney Uni to find out what all the 
fuss was about Object Orientated programming and because it 
appeared everything would be done in Java and the Java 
virtual machine was where things were at. Now I find out I 
need not have bothered.

Though the course was rewarding, as I identified a bug in 
the Java Compiler. I doubt I would ever have dreamed off 
there being a bug in a compiler if a consultant, who had 
been brought in to help me out 9 years earlier, hadn't 
identified a bug in a Fortran Compiler as the cause of the 
seemingly impossible, of a computer program producing 
different results each time it ran.

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