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At 12:24 +1000 5/5/10, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>Well that is interesting....most of my professional programming was 
>in Fortran starting on a Cyber 76 in 1982.

Oh dear.  I haven't programmed in Fortran *since* 1982.

Let's see, there was:
-   Fortran with no version number, used in 1967
-   IITran (a crippled, improper sub-set created by a mathematician)
     Mmmm, this suggests it was a separate (but crippled) invention:
-   Fortran II, used c. 1971
-   Fortran IV, used c. 1974
-   ANSI Fortran77, used c. 1980-82
     (Finally, it was feasible to write structured code)
     (Remember structured code, back when quality mattered?)

And we understood back then that object-orientation was a 
re-discovery of capabilities embedded in Algol68.  Not that many of 
us ever got to use that language (although I understand that Pascal 
was a descendant of it).

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