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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Wed May 5 13:06:18 AEST 2010

Roger Clarke wrote:
> And we understood back then that object-orientation was a 
> re-discovery of capabilities embedded in Algol68.  Not that many of 
> us ever got to use that language (although I understand that Pascal 
> was a descendant of it).

This reminds me of another useful lesson. Bright eyed and
bushytailed fresh from UWA, where we had been indoctrinated
in the virtues of structured pascal programming, I embarked on
migrating the Cyber76 program to Pascal on a CPM Northstar
personal computer...Not!

By the way, part of my job, in 1982, was also to replace a card
punch data entry setup and PDP 11 CSIRONET node. This was
after avoiding miniwaft at school and punch cards at University.

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