[LINK] National Broadband Network - except it's not national.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Fri May 7 11:48:18 AEST 2010

On 7/05/2010 11:13 AM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>> On 6/05/2010 4:30 PM, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>>> So the NBN is not "a contiguous national network". It's a collection of
>>> regional hubs connected to access points (homes and business) with
>>> backhaul to provide connectivity where it has not been commercially
>>> viable. (see page 29, Exhibit 1-7)
>> Of course, if Telstra came to the party and joined up the regional hubs,
>> then we would have a true National Network.
>> But the government claims that it doesn't need Telstra. But without
>> Telstra, or other service providers, they haven't got a National Network.
> Bernard,
>   From what I've heard there is a lot of capacity in the
> trunks and pricing is competitive. So, the NBN doesn't need
> to go there.

Just because it exists and is cheap doesn't explain how it gets 
integrated into the NBN and how it gets used.

If an ISP in Perth wants to connect to the NBN locally in WA - no problem.

How do they provide a national service? How does that ISP connect to 
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Broken Hill etc?

Do they have to go to the interconnect providers on a link by link 
basis? Or does NBN Co do that?

Is the NBN, as seen by the users (ISPs and Joe Sixpack) a single virtual 
network or not?



Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Canberra Australia
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