[LINK] Internet filter could scupper NBN speeds

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> Internet filter could scupper NBN speeds
> By Jason Om
> Updated Fri May 7, 2010 6:31pm AEST
> Internode says a filtering slowdown will make a big difference to  
> businesses. (ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson)
> An internet service provider (ISP) says the Federal Government's  
> proposed filter has the potential to cause bottlenecks and  webpage  
> blackouts, making its high-speed National Broadband Network less  
> viable.
> The Government announced the filter two years ago as part of its  
> cyber safety program to protect children from pornography and  
> offensive material. Last year it ran tests on the system.
> John Lindsay from internet company Internode says such a filtering  
> slowdown will make a big difference to businesses, especially when  
> downloading files.
> "It is mostly about lag. When you click on something it will add  
> milliseconds... fractions of a second, probably in the order of a  
> fifth-of-a-second lag to everything, but of more concern is what  
> happens when something breaks in that mechanism," he said.
> "Because it is a single, narrow path through which internet traffic  
> has to flow you'll need lots and lots of filtering units and you'll  
> need some mechanism for actually splitting the traffic up into these  
> small chunks.
> "It will add a lot of cost for ISPs and from everything that we have  
> seen to date that is a cost that ISPs are expected to bear. So  
> ultimately it will make broadband more expensive in Australia."
> Google Australia support the Government's rollout of high-speed  
> broadband, but the company's head of government affairs, Iarla  
> Flynn, has serious questions about how the filter will affect  
> internet connections.
> "It is a question mark. We just don't know until... it is very  
> difficult to say what the impact might be," she said.
> "It would be a shame to tarnish the very, very positive story with  
> the NBN with a filter which could have impacts but which also sends  
> a negative signal about how development of the internet and use of  
> the internet is seen here."
> Geordie Guy from internet rights group Electronic Frontiers  
> Australia says the Government may well have to retest the filter on  
> the super-fast broadband speeds.
> "The filter hasn't been tested with speeds like the NBN proposes to  
> deliver. It has only been tested up to the types of speed that we  
> expect to see today," he said.
> "There is an awful lot of unlesses. I think it is probably getting  
> to the point where the unlesses and the exceptions are getting to  
> critical mass.
> "We are probably starting to get around to the point where the  
> Government needs to go right back to the drawing board, beyond the  
> drawing board of a national technology response and see if this  
> really is the best way to protect children online."

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