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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Mon May 10 09:53:42 AEST 2010

A blast form the past Linkers....

Spotted during a scanning marathon recently....

A comment from Vol 1 Is 6 (June 1995) page 96 from that quality
reference publication, Internet Australasia....

The Filter was actually first thought of by New Zealander Simon Lyall
from the Network Society of New Zealand when he proposed a number of
news groups that suggested not be formed:

Rec.collecting.dust and


Just thought you would all have a little chuckle at that.

He had a few more....

Comp.language.obscene, news.admin.humour, and soc.couples.single and

However somehow I don't find the last four humourous at all. Possibly we
have a lot more ladies behind the keyboards these days.
As an aside, I have decided that the new profile for help-desk geek
level 5 personnel appears to be blonde, cute and can code 10,000 lines a

Tom - back from the head doctor and feeling much better thank-you. I now
only receive signals when I'm not wearing the colander on my head.

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