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Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> David Boxall wrote:
>> On 7/05/2010 10:31 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
>>> ...
>>> If the primary way to access the Internet is from a wireless mobile
>>> device, then most of the need for fibre to the home disappears.
>>> ...
> ... given enough demand for bandwidth, is that the cell-to-households 
> ratio would eventually have to approach parity.  ...

The Australian Government seems to be having a bet each way on fibre
versus wireless. Minister Conroy has cancelled the Australian Broadband
Guarantee (ABG) in areas with Telstra NextG wireless broadband coverage
(removing it from 99% of the population). On the one hand the Minister
is talking up the benefits of a 100 Mbps fibre optic cable NBN and on
the other hand saying 1 Mbps (with 256 kbps upload) 3G UMTS mobile
network is good enough under the ABG:

A wireless cell for every household with NBN access is an option I
suggested and would provide much more than 1Mbps:

Homes will need a powered fibre optic modem for the NBN. Rather than
have the householder plug a WiFi device into that, I suggest there might
as well be an NBN Co managed wireless device built into each modem,
similar to shared WiFi services:

Assuming 30% of homes have an NBN fibre connection and wireless cell,
that should be enough to provide wireless access for the remaining 70%
of homes in a suburb. As well as entertainment devices in the homes and
street outside, this could be used for smart electricity meters:

ps: The figure of a 30% take-up of the NBN comes from a media report:

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