[LINK] 2.4Ghz is full - time to move on.

Jamie Sunderland Jamie.Sunderland at aarnet.edu.au
Fri May 21 06:51:08 AEST 2010

Hi linkers,


I live in a small apartment in inner city Sydney. A few years ago I used
to use a 2.4Ghz TV sender to send audio+video from my lounge to the
bedroom - but soon found the growing interference a problem and had to
abandon that method for fixed wires.  As the number of nearby access
points grew I moved my home server to a wired connection because the
wireless was becoming unreliable. With increasing numbers of people
getting home broadband with wireless routers, the problem is getting


Now I'm sitting on the couch, no more than 3m from the wireless router
and am having the connection drop out and re-associate every minute or
two.  A quick look at my wireless adapter shows (currently) 28 networks,
all with 2/5 bars of signal strength or more.  (and no doubt I would
actually see many more if I used a wifi scanner program).


My router is a slightly older b/g model (Billion7404VGP). I've tried
tweaking every setting on both the router and laptop - changing both to
"G only" mode and trying "interface robustness" and other things to no
avail.... so I guess the next step is to upgrade to a 5Ghz A+N
router..... but something tells me that even that will only be a
temporary fix!


Once 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are full to the point of cross interference making
them useless, where to next? Back to wires? Or ultra-high frequency
ultra short-range wireless?




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