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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Mon May 24 17:00:00 AEST 2010

A subscriber on the privacy list said there's been some changes 
today.  They seem pretty trivial.

But I wonder if that's all Zuckerberg meant when he wrote some time 
in the last 36 hours:  "i'd like to show an improved product rather 
than just talk about things we might do.  ... We're going to be ready 
to start talking about some of the new things we've built this week".

My response to that at lunchtime was that it shows how little 
Zuckerberg has learnt (2 mins 15 sec of audio accessible from the 
head of Asher Moses' article below).

Zuckerberg's concept of design is 'Act first, repent later', and 
'They're all willing guinea pigs, and everyone's a beta-tester, so 
why should we use old-fashioned ideas like user requirements 
analysis, external design specs, alpha testing on sceptical insiders, 
and beta testing on a small sub-set of informed external users??'.

The above quote is from 

It was reported late this morning in:
Facebook users 'don't want complete privacy': Zuckerberg
The Sydney Morning Herald Online
May 24, 2010 - 11:42AM

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