[LINK] 'creepy' Google

Ash Nallawalla ash at melbpc.org.au
Wed May 26 21:56:54 AEST 2010

My reaction was that only school-age kids use the word "creepy", so why
would a minister use it?

My other reaction was when the ABC TV reporter used the word "war driving"
as if the term had just been invented. I heard it about 9-10 years ago when
stumbler apps were first released for PDAs and most people left their WiFi
APs running without any security.

Just imagine, Google could get creepier and use its cars to collect all
sorts of information and sell leads -- roofs that need fixing, homes without
solar panels, hedges that need trimming, gardens that need fertiliser, homes
running WiFi 11A (hence ripe for an upsell), potholes in roads, etc etc.


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> From Kim Holburn

> > In recent weeks Google has been criticised after revelations that its
> > Street View photo cars were also collecting information about people's
> > wireless internet connections.

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