[LINK] 'creepy' Google

thoughtmaybe.com community at thoughtmaybe.com
Wed May 26 23:01:24 AEST 2010

> Just imagine, Google could get creepier and use its cars to collect all
> sorts of information and sell leads -- roofs that need fixing, homes 
> without
> solar panels, hedges that need trimming, gardens that need fertiliser, 
> homes
> running WiFi 11A (hence ripe for an upsell), potholes in roads, etc etc.
> Ash

Not a far thought I'd say and I'd imagine they may be interested in 
collecting and monetising such data at some point in the future -- they 
already take 3D mappings of buildings and have patented a method of 
idientifying and automatically 're-rendering' billboards and other 'real 
world ad spaces' from Street View photographs to turn them into Google web 

See abstract: 

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