[LINK] 'creepy' Google

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed May 26 22:35:49 AEST 2010

> Just imagine, Google could get creepier and use its cars to collect all
> sorts of information and sell leads -- roofs that need fixing ..

They drive too fast Ash. I happened to be walking along our country town
main-street one mid-afternoon, and the google camera-car zoomed past. It
was doing between 40-50klm/hour, and had an 8 sided/lensed camera thingy
on it's roof, about 3 metres above the ground. I stopped, turned with it
and waved. But, looking at Google street-view, they snipped me out, with
a sunny-day view either side of where i was standing, and, with a cloudy
day, (sans moi) and earlier street view of where i was when it went past.


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