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grove at zeta.org.au grove at zeta.org.au
Mon May 31 11:51:30 AEST 2010

am I being paranoid?  Am I a conspiracy theorist?   Is there something I am doing wrong or am I being censored?

Basically, I have been making the odd comment in reply to articles posted on the Sydney Morning 
Herald website, for some time.   About 80% of the time, my comments get posted.  I am never informed 
that my postings are dropped nor the reason.  I am OK with this, although it sometimes seems weird, given the 
quality of some of the other postings.   But in any case, I have posted several things recently in reply to some 
political rantings by those of the Right, that were accepted by moderators and so on, so it was nice to 
see my comments up there.

But for the past week, I have been unable to make any comments on the SMH website.

The comments are still there, but the login panel for them is gone.   I have tried several 
times and searched the site for answers but have none.   I do not even know who to complain to. 
I have quite my browser and cleared things a bit but to no avail.  And I can't even post about the 
wonders of the iPad, so the problem is site-wide.

But there it is.   I can't make a comment on the website!   Am I being "targeted"?   What 
recourse do I have in this "directed democracy" of ours?   I want answers.  I want satisfaction,
but mainly I just want to post a comment.   Is anyone else having an issue like this?

What can I do about it?!


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