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> Tom Worthington wrote:
> > For tele-medicine applications you need trained staff at the patient's
> end of the link. You can't have the patient sitting at home alone in
> front of a video screen. There needs to be a trained professional with
> the patient to carry out part of the examination, under the remote
> specialist's direction.
> This depends on the situation.  Obviously you aren't going to diagnose
> an appendicitis - or do an appendectomy - in someone's home via video
> link, but there are a lot of people with existing conditions who might
> benefit significantly with the management of their or their children's
> condition.  These people often have diagnostic tools - like blood sugar
> or heart monitoring equipment and could mix online and face-to-face
> consultation, saving the trip time and associated risk of contracting
> something serious in the waiting room.  We tend to think of diagnosis of
> new acute conditions but a large proportion of medical expenditure is on
> chronic conditions.
> This is a new style of service that offers closer medical supervision at
> reduced cost, when appropriate.  It will require some cultural change
> and development of enabling systems, not a direct replacement for GP's
> offices or hospitals.

This was featured on some TV show last week, and had a heart patient hooked up to some equipment at home that transmitted the readings over the Net.  Same works for diabetics testing their blood glucose levels.

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