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Birch, Jim wrote:
> Tom Worthington wrote:
>> For tele-medicine applications you need trained staff at the patient's
> end of the link. You can't have the patient sitting at home alone in 
> front of a video screen. There needs to be a trained professional with 
> the patient to carry out part of the examination, under the remote 
> specialist's direction.
> This depends on the situation.  Obviously you aren't going to diagnose
> an appendicitis - or do an appendectomy - in someone's home via video
> link, but there are a lot of people with existing conditions who might
> benefit significantly with the management of their or their children's
> condition.  These people often have diagnostic tools - like blood sugar
> or heart monitoring equipment and could mix online and face-to-face
> consultation, saving the trip time and associated risk of contracting
> something serious in the waiting room.  We tend to think of diagnosis of
> new acute conditions but a large proportion of medical expenditure is on
> chronic conditions.
> This is a new style of service that offers closer medical supervision at
> reduced cost, when appropriate.  It will require some cultural change
> and development of enabling systems, not a direct replacement for GP's
> offices or hospitals.

It is worth noting that NSW health has implemented online
consultation already. <http://www.healthdirect.org.au/>

As I understand it, the NBN is promising face to face over
the fibre.

As our public health costs blow out - mainly because the
expensive critical care is still provided by the public
purse rather than the public sector. Very careful cost
benefit analysis has to be carried out on all medical
treatments and programs.  Yes we do need cutural change -
but this goes beyond jiggling acute medical and diagnositic
services. We have a relatively healthy longer living
population - who require more than medical services.

And when we die (which we all will one day) does it
have to be in a hospital?

It is a sad fact, but it wasn't until the Cancer Doctor got
caner themselves, that they realised how patients get sent
from pillar to post in the name of a cure.

People present to extremely expensive emergency departments
for Maternity,  GP and respite for carers care.

and as far as innovation and cultural change goes:
Google's New Flu Tracker: A Public Health Service

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