[LINK] Turnbull plan to short-circuit NBN

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But will he do a cost benefit analysis or a productivity Commission inquiry so we can compare them in any real way?  Didn't think so.


> THE Coalition has adopted a high-speed internet policy that would render redundant the proposed National Broadband Network.
> The policy accepted by the joint parties meeting would separate Telstra into two companies - a retailer free of onerous regulation and a wholesaler, possibly named CANCo, enjoying regulated pricing required by law to provide all Australians with broadband at a minimum speed of 12 megabits per second (Mbps).
> Fast enough to allow video conferencing and the download of movies within minutes, 12 Mbps is faster than most Australians enjoy at present but slow enough to usually be achievable using existing infrastructure such as Telstra's copper network and Foxtel coaxial  cables and satellite and wireless technology.

Still the splitting of Telstra is a step forward.  Does his plan provide the extra overseas links?  What does 12Mbps second mean exactly?  Symmetric or asymmetric? What is the upload speed?  If it's just ADSL, we're not really better off.  Why pay good taxpayers money for that.

> The briefing presented to the Coalition party room by shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull indicates he consulted both the Greens and independents in drafting the policy, as well as Telstra management and key Telstra shareholders including the government's Future Fund.

He negotiated!!!  If there is a spill and Turnbull gets to be leader again, watch out labour!

> The Coalition also decided to oppose key elements of the government bill which would exempt parts of the deal stuck between Telstra and NBNCo from scrutiny by the Competition and Consumer Commission.
> These amendments would allow the ACCC to reject an agreement between the two to turn off Telstra's copper network or restrict the use of the Foxtel cable as anti-competitive.

Say what?  

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