[LINK] Naked ADSL and dumping the voiceline

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Mon Nov 1 20:24:59 AEDT 2010


Perhaps this has been discussed before. I'm considering dumping the
voice line, keeping the land line and adding VoiP to the mix.

A few questions arise.

* what device can I then connect to the naked line to give my current
   (simple residential) telephone equipment full POTS connectivity?

* there obviously must be some POTS gateway/interface in the mix?

* does the switch to naked ADSL affect my internet data connection,
   modem or PC in any way?

* do I pay anything for the naked line?

* who maintains the naked line?

* and the big question: would my only ongoing cost for VoiP then
   be the bandwidth I use over the ADSL?

i.e. this is a cost reduction exercise. Quite applicable to a move
to FTTH if that ever happens where I live :)


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