[LINK] Senate committee probes AGD's data retention activities

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Mon Nov 1 19:57:45 AEDT 2010

On 2010/Nov/01, at 7:37 PM, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> Kim Holburn wrote:
>> If the filter is mandated, then ISPs will have to put in a proxy/application gateway for http and some ISPs already have them.  With a proxy they will have access to the http headers.
> Forests and trees, Kim. If data retention legislation is passed,
> proxies and filters are irrelevant.
> *ALL* data communications as defined by the new act will have to
> be intercepted, analysed and logged by all carriers.
> And just what that analysis is and how deep into the packets it
> travels is one huge mother of a big kettle of fishy stuff.
> You certainly make a valid point about encrypted communications
> and MITM to exploit. If this became public knowledge, i.e. breaking into
> encrypted streams/packets is part of normal logging operations to satisfy
> the requirements of the data retention act, you can say goodbye to confidence
> in e-commerence, online banking and anything to do with consumerism in cyberspace
> in Australia. Only a well oiled gestapo policing system could keep such an
> intrusion quiet and out of earshot of the press.

Technically I don't believe MItM attacks could possibly done on such a scale.  It is extremely difficult.  It might be done for *one or two* streams per month with the resources of a government, a government of a large and technically adept country.  Otherwise most browsers would just baulk.

> BTW: you can also say goodbye to network throughput ;)
> cheers
> rickw
> (( not wishing to terminate the thread due to Godinw's law! ))

Hey is there a Godwin type law for mentioning Stalin?

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