[LINK] Naked ADSL and dumping the voiceline

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Tue Nov 2 12:16:47 AEDT 2010

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> I never use fax. I convert to PDF and email. No one has knocked me
> back. Of course that is outgoing. I'm sometimes asked for incoming
> fax and just say I don't have it.

I'm dealing with my insurance co to replace a few items damaged
by a lightning strike. They initially wanted faxes of various
quotes and invoices, but were easily convinced to accept PDFs
and JPEG images of all the documentation they required to process
the claim.

Pretty well all done from my laptop at home via email.

I often remind faxers how ridiculous the faxing process is. You
usually print an electronic document to convert it to analogue
form. Then fax it to the recipient, who usually then either keeps
the facsimile in electronic form or keys it back into a computer
to redigitise the data.


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