[LINK] Fibre and no copper?

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed Nov 3 17:57:23 AEDT 2010

Stil writes,

> > Certainly hope NBN use different measurement rubrics than Telstras
> > Next G.
> I don't know about different metrics but certainly NBN Co will be using
> different technology from Telstra Next G.

Yes, but if Telstra join the NBN (probable?) then one might assume they
will be wanting to employ their existing, and, expensive, mobile towers.
It's the location of towers that will be one major speed factor, surely. 

And i don't want to complain before the event, however trusting Telstra
is not always wise. So hope NBN signal foorprint/strength is measured & 
certified as acceptable independantly, for this new service we will all 
pay for. Or will the bush as usual be regarded as second-class citizens?

Just reminding gentle linkers, not all Aussies have equal opportunities.

>  While Senator Conroy has been quite clear about the copper CAN being
> removed once fibre is rolled out, I don't recall seeing any statement
> about the copper being decommissioned in the areas that get wireless.
> I will make suitable enquiries. Stil

Thanks Stil .. and we bushies will continue making appropriate protests.

With this current government, the bush has some chance of being heard :)


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