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I thought NBNco were eventually going to replace everywhere there was copper with fibre.  It doesn't look like it from their maps. That's a bit disappointing really.  All the other towns except the lucky red ones on the maps are going to be satellite?  Wouldn't the towns in the grey (wireless) areas probably already have fibre going to them carrying the current phone lines and be able to use ADSL into the NBN network?  Wouldn't that be better than wireless?


On 2010/Nov/03, at 12:05 AM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> Richard kindly suggests ..
>> Stephen .. you should be able to glean something from the NBN Co maps
>> about whether you get fibre. RC
> Thanks R, good suggestion .. and on checking alas NO fibre plan for here. 
> But NBN Co claim that "Next Generation Wireless" should be available here.
> Then again, for a Telstra Next 3 *mobile* coverage, of the 3 speeds noted,
> Telstra claims their slowest, up to 3 Mbps, is available now here in town.
> (For eg, "1. Typical customer download speed 1.1 to 20 Mbps.  2. Typical 
> customer download speed 550 kbps to 8 Mbps. 3. Typical customer download 
> speed 550 kbps to 3 Mbps.") (And for our Vic country 'bread-basket" town)
> Haha maybe in their dreams. And, maybe IF we can get a mobile signal when 
> we are standing on the front lawn. Unfortunately, for us, I'm not kidding.
> So, who knows? No NBN fibre here, for sure. (Town population, around ~800)
> And, i guess at minimum a USB wireless dongle, which don't work near here.
> Certainly hope NBN use different measurement rubrics than Telstras Next G.
> So, one doesn't wish to complain, but .. NBN Co fibre broadband? Looxury!
> Please, *do not* take our copper lifelines, also .. as well as our water.
> Cheers RC ..
> Stephen
>> On 2/11/10 6:12 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>>> On 2010/Nov/02, at 4:46 PM, Paul writes:
>>>> .. These days there are several communications alternatives
>>>> completely independent of the fixed standard telephone service,
>>>> including mobile phones often on several different carriers ..
>>> Would it were so, as you say, Paul ..
>>> Certainly not in this country town. Currently it's just ONE very dodgy
>>> Telstra mobile service with *zero* service inside buildings, and fibre
>>> to the town perhaps unlikely(?) given our population size and 
> location.
>>> Talk of no copper will be a worry for folks around here when they 
> hear.
>>> But, anyway, here's a website regarding the nitty-gritty of the new BT
>>> (British Telecom) fibre laying process complete with last-century size
>>> conduits. BT appear to be at about the same fibre-stage as we are. The
>>> terminal they provide for their FTTH (called Fibre To The Premesis, or
>>> FTTP, in England) from the photo would appear not to have battery back
>>> up, unless the batteries are no more than a couple of AA size 
> bateries?
>>> <http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2010/10/28/the-real-reasons-we-have-to-
> wait-
>>> for-bts-fibre-to-the-premises-broadband/>
>>> Cheers,
>>> Stephen
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