[LINK] Fibre and no copper?

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Thu Nov 4 10:35:34 AEDT 2010

On 04/11/2010, at 10:24 AM, Kim Holburn wrote:
> I thought NBNco were eventually going to replace everywhere there was copper with fibre.

It's the other way around. Everywhere that NBN Co lays a fibre CAN, i.e. 93% of the population or roughly every community with a population of 1000 or above, then eventually that copper CAN is decommissioned.

> It doesn't look like it from their maps. That's a bit disappointing really.  All the other towns except the lucky red ones on the maps are going to be satellite?  Wouldn't the towns in the grey (wireless) areas probably already have fibre going to them carrying the current phone lines and be able to use ADSL into the NBN network?  Wouldn't that be better than wireless?

ADSL has limited range, remember. OK, so does wireless. But there's a chart somewhere on the NBN Co's website, in a report, which shows how ADSL range, and especially ADSL2+ which is what we'd be talking about, drops off more sharply with distance than wireless. Plus it's presumably quicker to pop a few more wireless base stations out there than reconfigure the copper CAN with more DSLAMS. I believe all that stuff was modelled in the Implementation Study, but I'm meant to be on deadline for something else and can't dig it out just now.


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