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grove at zeta.org.au grove at zeta.org.au
Thu Nov 4 13:03:46 AEDT 2010

I have this crazy wild vision of the NBN doing something mad:

I would like to see it so that if you are a govt worker, academic, teacher, whatever, 
but in the employ of the education/academic sector, govt service provider and so on 
that you would be entitled to unmetered premium broadband.

This could mean that you would still use your ISP to initiate the connection to the Internet, 
but after that, at some point, you would have some sort of Federated (AAF style) login that you 
used to access your broadband acct and thus be identified as being eligible.

This could mean that Doctors, nurses, teachers, police, firies, ambos, anyone in anyway 
thus affilated with the public service would get an AAF style federated account somewhere, perhaps 
hosted on an IDP run on their org's behalf or if a uni etc, using theirs.   Possession of such 
a federated account could then be used to either provide a broadband service directly, or 
via some sort of arrangement between the govt and the ISP.

Such federated users would get unmetered/untimed access.   Police etc would have totally 
free comms, since being emergency workers might get premium access in a disaster situation and so on.
You could extend this somehow to free/open Mobile comms as well.

Ok, the whole thing could be open to abuse, but I tend to think that being offered such a privilege 
for being a PS, would make people treat the service with some respect.     There is a stealth benefit 
for the govt in terms of tracking, which is probably evil, but I won't discuss that yet.  I want 
my broadband first.....


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