[LINK] Battery back-up mandatory for NBN?

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
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At 9:56 +1100 5/11/10, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>Dare I suggest Problem Analysis?
>If people have a problem requiring communications in the event of a
>power failure, then it is up to them ...
>A question: Taking bush fires as an example, what makes communications
>more important than say ...

Answer = deeply-entrenched victim mentality.

In the last 50 years, the Orstralian self-image of the rugged, 
self-reliant bushman has been replaced by the whinger (I was born a 
Pom, so I'm allowed to use the word).

(1)  I support public health and safety measures that can be shown by
      systemic logic and empirical study to be effective and cost-effective
(2)  I despise the State paternalism and cry-baby dependency that we're
      all expected to put up with

I'm not really sure how important it is to be able to make a 
phone-call to 000 (or other number?!) (a) from any fixed-point, or 
from any point within (b) the 93%-of-population area, or (c) the 97%, 
or (d) the 100%.  I'm tempted to add (e) estuaries and coastal 
waters, (f) the oceans, and (g) the special case of the Southern 
Ocean;  but it's hard enough already.

It seems like a desirable rather than a mandatory.

Anyone who makes assumptions that being able to make a phone-call 
prevents problems, or even necessarily reduces loss of life and human 
suffering, needs to wake up to the real world.

(Line congestion, excessive demand on switching-centres, excessive 
demand on the relevant response centre, excessive demand on the 
relevant rescue / emergency / health-care services, congested roads 
and airspace - think smoke, human communication errors in large 
quantity - think Chinese whispers, the list goes on).

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