[LINK] Battery back-up mandatory for NBN?

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Fri Nov 5 09:56:47 AEDT 2010

On 4/11/2010 8:19 PM, David Boxall wrote:
> On 27/10/2010 11:48 AM, Michael Skeggs mike at bystander.net wrote:
>> ...
>> Ideally, the standard would be to provide a suitable back-up battery
>> at install, so that the baseline is established for a resilient,
>> emergency tolerant communications system that can be supplemented by
>> mobiles/other things.
>> I understand the ONT has a light to indicate when the battery needs to
>> be replaced, and it appears to be little harder than replacing the
>> battery in a radio, based on the NBN Tasmania diagram. We can be sure
>> if no battery is installed the number of users who end up putting one
>> in will be tiny.
>> ...
> Dare I suggest cost/benefit analysis?

Dare I suggest Problem Analysis?

If people have a problem requiring communications in the event of a 
power failure, then it is up to them to ensure that their solution 
(whatever it might be - batteries are probably only one solution option) 
is viable and current. Insisting on a specific technology solution to an 
ill-defined problem is fraught with danger and risk.

A question: Taking bush fires as an example, what makes communications 
more important than say water, mobility, radios, fire fighting 
capability, plants close to the house, fire proof shelters etc etc. None 
of these issues have mandatory solutions, why should communications?



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