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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Sun Nov 7 10:05:52 AEDT 2010

At 09:51 AM 7/11/2010, David Boxall wrote:
>That is to be spent over eight years:
>$250 per year. Which is about $5 per week or 70 cents per day.
>Coupled with the fact that, as a nation, we have income rather than a
>static fortune, does that bring the matter into perspective?

I'd rather spend my money on the NBN than the stupid "smart" meter 
that's been installed without consent of the consumer that does 
NOTHING for us and has all the benefit for the power companies, and 
gives them the ability to turn off my power, without notice, if there 
is too high demand on the grid because people are actually using the 
power they are supposed to be supplying.


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