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Wed Nov 10 10:11:46 AEDT 2010

Andy Farkas asked:

re: http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/climate/change/timeseries.cgi?graph=tmean&area=aus&season=0112&ave_yr=15

> What does it mean where it says "Based on a 30-year climatology (1961-90)"  ?

That's where they got the zero point from. That is, the anomaly value is the difference from the mean over that period.

This was produced as kind of standard good quality baseline set of data for Australian climate.  Meteorological standards and data collection techniques are improving all the time.  While some measurements at limited locations go back much further, a lot of these were made using a variety of historical practices, eg, the postmaster tapping the barometer and reading the thermometer at 9 am and 3 pm.  Since then there has been a lot of development of standards for instruments, housings, logging, and so on.  '61-90 was considered a pretty reliable set and long enough to not be unduly perturbed individual extreme events or effects of a few years duration like El Niño.

An interesting historical feature of that graph is the period from about 1990 to 2003 that clearly proved to a certain class of people that global warming had actually stopped and the entire global warming thing was a bunch of lies produced by (you're not going to believe this!) an international conspiracy of tens of thousands of climate and other scientists, in league with world government extremists, various other crazy lefties, and ******** intellectuals.  For some reason this period has dropped off the radar but the conspiracy persists.

- Jim




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