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> Andy Farkas asked:
> re: 
> http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/climate/change/timeseries.cgi?gr
> > What does it mean where it says "Based on a 30-year climatology 
> > (1961-90)"  ?
> That's where they got the zero point from. That is, the 
> anomaly value is the difference from the mean over that period.
> An interesting historical feature of that graph is the period 
> from about 1990 to 2003 that clearly proved to a certain 
> class of people that global warming had actually stopped and 
> the entire global warming thing was a bunch of lies produced 
> by (you're not going to believe this!) an international 
> conspiracy of tens of thousands of climate and other 
> scientists, in league with world government extremists, 
> various other crazy lefties, and ******** intellectuals.  For 
> some reason this period has dropped off the radar but the 
> conspiracy persists.
> - Jim

1990-2003 is also the period when the western nations noticing the
pollution, executed four important initiatives:

1.	Catalytic fuel converters mandatory on all vehicles.
2.	Phasing out of lead based petroleum products
3.	(In the USA) No two stroke lawn mowers and catalytic fuel
converters on all 4 stroke lawn mowers.
4.	stopped building massive new coal fired power plants because of
the atmospheric particle count and the obvious effects of coal fired
power plants on pollution.

Anyone driving into Boston from NYC or LA down the 205 from SFO in the
early nineties would attest to the shiny grey inversion layer that
pumped up the temperatures in those two metropolis.

The Australian Coal fired power plants (apart from Liddle) are mainly
coastally situated ensuring the particles become another countries

Nevertheless, our coal fired power plants still pump the equivalency of
about three ayers rocks (Uluru) worth of sediment into the atmosphere
every year.

As coal based Power generation generates almost 38% of our atmospheric
pollution in Australia, the disbelievers were correct. Global warming
stopped growing as a problem with the above initiatives.  

An excellent (lay) paper written so that it could be understood by
politicians can be found at:

Unfortunately, this story is a little bit like the boy, the finger and
the dyke. Eventually, with population growth, the dam walls will breach
and the "smog" will start growing again.

Persons interested in this line of thinking should attempt to obtain and
view an excellent BBC documentary circa 2005 called Global Dimming
(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0825534/) where researchers counted
particles in the atmosphere in the three day no fly period in the USA
after 9/11/2011.

Global dimming is a converse argument that suggests the planet is
cooling because of atmosphere borne particulate matter.
As part of its proof it utilises Australian Pan evaporation data over
100 years.

Additional research on this topic recently claimed that as many as 8,000
deaths per annum were being recorded because of 1.5 um particulate
matter being breathed into the lungs that was being delivered at ground
level from overflying planes courtesy of attaching itself to falling
beryllium. (Personally I think they are under-estimating the total,
probably only counting main flight routes in the USA... The paper is not
specific on the data collection area)

I am confident that in the future, we will "discover" that Wittenoom
James Hardie and asbestos was merely a learner microbe on the side of an
elephant in comparison to the respitory problems our future generations
will have unless we manage to clean up our fossil based fuel products.
(Err more H and less C and NOX).

Safest place in Australia to live if you are a candidate for respitory

Port Lincoln, South Australia and anywhere in Tasmania. The roaring
forties keep the air "fresh".


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