[LINK] Shirky: Murdoch's Times paywall is pretty much like all the other paywalls

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Nov 11 11:36:43 AEDT 2010

At 10:13 AM 11/11/2010, Stilgherrian wrote:
>For a while there they were only showing stories more recent than 6 
>weeks on the website, and anything older was $2 a look. Per story. 
>Would anyone really pay $2 to see the results of a football match 
>from six months ago?

No. And if you have any nous about how the links are structured, you 
didn't need to. They never changed the actual URLs. I had a project 
once where the guy who created the original webpages didn't include 
the links, just the text of articles. Well, rather than get him in 
trouble with copyright (it was a rather visible site), I suggested we 
put the links. I was able to find all of them, despite them not being 
'searchable' from the Age website. It wasn't very hard.


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