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> Don't expect America to lead our world anywhere on climate change ...
> "Few causes unite the conservatives of the newly elected US Congress as 
> unanimously as their opposition to government action on climate change. 

The American and Australian governments disagree ..

$7 million Geothermal Drilling Program grant executed 
Highlights: $7  million  Geothermal  Drilling  Program  grant  for  
Geodynamics’ Hunter Valley geothermal project executed with Federal 
Government Grant  to  be  used  for  drilling  two  ‘proof  of  concept’  
wells  for  the Geodynamics Hunter Valley project 
Geodynamics  is pleased  to announce  that  the $7m  funding deed granted 
by  the Federal Government  under  Round  2  of  the  Geothermal  
Drilling  Program  (GDP)  has  today  been executed. 
Initially awarded to Geodynamics in late 2009 and announced at the time, 
the GDP funding has been granted for the development of Geodynamics’ 
Hunter Valley geothermal project. 
The funding will be used by Geodynamics to drill two deep wells on its  
Hunter Valley tenements in order to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’. For  
further information please check our website (www.geodynamics.com.au) or
contact Dr Jack Hamilton or Mr Paul Frederiks on + 61 7 3721 7500. 
Dr Jack Hamilton 
Managing Director 
About Geodynamics 

Geodynamics  is  the  leading  Australian  geothermal  exploration  and  
development company. Geodynamics possesses some  of  the  best eothermal  
resources  in  the  world  and  is  rapidly developing  technology  to  
exploit  the  resource. Geothermal energy  has  the  potential  to be a  
critical element of Australia’s future power generation and Geodynamics 
is at the forefront of development.   
About geothermal energy 

Geothermal energy offers  the prospect of  zero carbon, base-load energy 
generation.  "Zero carbon" means  that  no  carbon  dioxide  (CO2) will 
be  emitted when  generating  energy. This  is different  from some 
other  forms of  ‘renewable’ energy, which  still  result  in  
significant CO2 emissions.  ”Base-load” means  that power  is available 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year  round, and  therefore can be 
used  to meet  energy  needs  at  any  time. This  is  a  significant  
advantage  compared  to  a  number  of other zero-carbon technologies 
that are more intermittent (such as wind, wave and solar power). 
Geothermal energy produced from hot fractured rocks, also known as 
Engineered or Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), is generated by special 
high heat producing granites located 3km or more below the Earth's 
surface. The heat inside these granites is trapped by overlying rocks 
which act as an insulating blanket. The heat is extracted from these 
granites by pumping water through fractures in the granite and bringing 
the hot water to surface. Geodynamics believes that energy produced using 
EGS technology is capable of generating base-load power at a cost that 
will be very competitive with other energy sources (both low carbon and 
Geodynamics is also working to exploit the lower grade, hot sedimentary 
aquifers at shallower depths. While hot sedimentary aquifers have lower 
temperatures than EGS, and hence lower power conversion efficiency, the 
shallower nature of these resources render them more readily accessible 
with simpler technology and therefore may be more rapidly commercialised. 


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