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Fri Nov 12 10:24:59 AEDT 2010

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> Check this out about Mark Twain's autobiography that comes out next

Ha.  Twain was a little loose in this area himself:

Two letters written by Mark Twain in 1907:

1- To the New York Times:

    Sir to you, I would like to know what kind of a goddam govment this
is that discriminates between two common carriers and makes a goddam
railroad charge everybody equal & lets a goddam man charge any goddam
price he wants to for his goddam opera box.

    W.D. Howells
    Tuxedo Park Oct 4 

2 - To William Dean Howells:

    Howells it is an outrage the way the govment is acting so I sent
this complaint to N. Y. Times with your name signed because it would
have more weight.


(I can imagine Howells and Twain, who were long term friends, would have
laughed into their rye whiskey over this.  Sourced from the Futility

- Jim


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