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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Nov 22 14:13:25 AEDT 2010

The Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) is holding a 
"Digital Economy Stakeholder Forum – Education Sector" in Adelaide, 12 
noon, 23 November 2010: 

There is also free video-conference participation in the event available 
for a limited number of participants:


Digital Economy Stakeholder Forum – Education Sector

Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 12 noon for 12.30pm – 3 pm
Video Conferencing Classroom, Adelaide TAFE Campus 120 Currie Street, 

Lunch will be served

Forum Overview

Australia’s move to an effective Digital Economy means changes for many 
sectors in the economy. Plans will be needed to support the transition 
of business, government and consumers to new models of service delivery 
and commercial transactions.

ATUG is hosting a series of conversations with experts in a number of 
different sectors to identify the impacts and issues, the opportunities 
and obstacles that need to be identified and resolved for that sector 
and its customers to
“Shift Gear” to the Digital Economy.
Forum Program – Education
12.30pm - 3pm

    1. Overview - Forum Chair: Evan Arthur - Group Manager, National 
Schools and Youth Partnerships Group, Dept of Education, Employment and 
Workplace Relations
    2. Anne Dening - Senior Educational Manager - Innovations, Teaching 
& Learning, TAFE SA Regional
    3. Peta Pash - Project Manager MEGA
    4. Open Forum

Forum Registration: <http://www.atug.com.au/DigEconForums/DERego.pdf>



ATUG Education Seminar: can't make it? Read below

Today, many students cannot attend class with their lecturer.

TAFE SA is offering a glimpse of how they reach their students to the 
first few participants to the seminar.

TAFE offers options for their students to:

     * connect from a room videoconferencing unit (you may be able to 
access one of them)
     * connect from a pc and webcam with a special login from TAFE (if 
you have access to good broadband - probably not from your organization 
, due to firewall restrictions , you may be able to " borrow " a login 
for the event)
     * dial in from a telephone.

To book a connection, you will need to contact Tele-Learning Connections 
by 3:30 pm TODAY to book their connection and for TLC to check whether 
the room or webcam software is appropriate. (TLC can make available a 
limited number of sets of desktop software available).

TLC can be contacted on either 08 8207 8446, or tlc (a)sa.gov.au

Many thanks TAFE SA and Tele - Learning Connections!

ATUG would be interested feedback on your Digital Economy Experience 
after the event – email rosemary.sinclair(a)atug.org.au

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