[LINK] Work on Next Generation Wireless in Canberra

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Tue Nov 23 10:07:12 AEDT 2010

On 23/11/2010 9:51 AM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> On 23/11/10 9:03 AM, David Boxall wrote:
>> What is the potential of the best fixed wireless? How does it compare
>> with the best, currently available, mobile technologies?
> The very quick answer, sticking to what's on the shelf now, there are
> proprietary technologies good for up to 1 Gbps if you want to pay for them.
> A fixed 1:1 solution will outperform a shared mobile solution, but at a
> cost penalty.
So, at some point, it will be cheaper to run fibre?

There seems to be an assumption that mobile solutions will be employed 
for fixed-point problems. That puzzles me.

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