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"Jury orders SAP to pay Oracle 1.3 billion US dollars
Glenn Chapman
November 24, 2010 - 1:29PM

A US jury has ordered German business software giant SAP to pay US 
rival Oracle 1.3 billion US dollars in damages in a record-setting 
copyright infringement award.

"We're ecstatic," said Geoffrey Howard, a partner with the Bingham 
McCutchen law firm, a member of the Oracle trial team. "The jury 
recognized the value of the intellectual property stolen by SAP."

Oracle attorneys called the copyright damages award the highest ever 
and hailed the verdict as a resounding warning that stealing 
intellectual property from technology companies will not be tolerated.

SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow recovered and copied massive amounts of 
Oracle software and confidential data by posing as clients, according 
to court documents.

A customized software tool dubbed "Titan" was allegedly used to 
plunder Oracle's website of patches, updates, fixes and other 
programs crafted for Oracle's paying customers.

SAP admitted to the copyright infringement in legal "stipulations" 
that cleared the way for a jury trial regarding how much should be 
paid to Oracle in damages."
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