[LINK] NBN Co to build wireless network from late 2011

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Wed Nov 24 15:46:29 AEDT 2010

NBN Co to build wireless network from late 2011
By Ry Crozier
Nov 24, 2010 3:42 PM

Expedited plan revealed.

NBN Co will start building its wireless network in November next year, 
according to a summary of the network builder's business plan [PDF] 
released today.

The summary also provided a significant insight into the costing 
assumptions for the NBN and how the total build cost would be impacted 
if a deal with Telstra fell through.

Read the 50-page NBN Co Business Plan Summary released by the Federal 
Government here. 

The expedited wireless rollout was a key change to the rollout plan 
negotiated by the independents in return for returning Labor to power 
after this year's Federal election.

"NBN Co is currently progressing negotiations for wireless spectrum 
acquisition, which are expected to close before the end of 2010," the 
report said.

NBN Co was also to use some satellite technologies to cover those who 
could not be serviced by fibre or wireless technologies

The summary said that NBN Co would not have its own satellites in orbit 
until 2015 but would have an interim solution in place by June next year.

NBN Co said it would deliver fixed wireless connections of at least 12 
Mbps to four percent of homes and businesses and satellite to the 
remaining three percent.



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